Tek Armory, LLC

Computers, Networks, Security

Tek Armory, LLC is a technology development startup providing energy infrastructure security related technology solutions and integration services for small to medium size commercial businesses and local government entities.

Business Continuity, Disaster Recovery and Information Security have become more critical to businesses and local governments that have modernized with computers and networks.  Threats to these resources from the Internet and from motivated employees have also increased.

The good news is that you don't have to "go it alone".  If you haven't the budget to staff your own full-time IT department, there IS an alternative.
Tek Armory can help provide "checks and balances" guidance for the deployment, maintenance and expansion of these resources with a long-term survivability and information security focus.

Tek Armory can help provide coordinated, 'hands-on' configuration and completion services for your new network; optimization and diagnostic services for existing networks; as well as upgrades and improvements for expansions.  For those 'future-minded' businesses on a strict budget, Open Enterprise and Open Source technologies, including Linux are a Tek Armory specialty (custom programming services also available).

Tek Armory can also help publicly held companies with legislative compliance planning and implementation, information asset inventory determination and user awareness training.

In short, Tek Armory can help you make sure that your network STAYS yours, and that your data is yours for KEEPS...

This site is currently under construction.  Please wear a hard-hat and try to stay to the walkways, as we don't want any injuries.
Because we have very limited resources (Technology Startup, remember?) it may be a while before Tek Armory, LLC can expand staffing to grow our outsourcing commitments. Stay tuned for further developments...


Tek Armory, LLC... "Armor for your Tek."